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Direct html HTML output

Table HeaderTable Header
Table cell 1Table cell 2
Table cell 3Table cell 4

Click the button to see the counter increase.

Close the browser tab (or window), and try again, and the counter will continue to count (is not reset).


This is a Blue Heading

This is a heading

This is a paragraph.

Mouse over the links to see them change layout.

This link changes color

This link changes font-size

This link changes background-color

This link changes font-family

This link changes text-decoration

The border-radius property allows you to add rounded corners to elements.

Rounded corners for an element with a specified background color:

Rounded corners!

Rounded corners for an element with a border:

Rounded corners!

Rounded corners for an element with a background image:

Rounded corners!

Four values - border-radius: 15px 50px 30px 5px:


Three values - border-radius: 15px 50px 30px:

Two values - border-radius: 15px 50px:

Elliptical border - border-radius: 50px/15px:

Elliptical border - border-radius: 15px/50px:

Ellipse border - border-radius: 50%:

Click on the w3schools logo to download the image:


Note: The download attribute is not supported in Edge version 12, IE, Safari or Opera version 12 (and earlier).

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I can not see the vdo.